There was a time when setting up marketing campaigns equaled developing a lot of graphics, paying the bill, and praying it would work. 

The channels that are used by marketing professionals today are different, but the problem remains the same: separated tools and channels make it hard to measure results. 

This free checklist provides you with a framework for campagnes that fix a lot of today's common problems.

With this checklist, you learn how to build inbound marketing campaigns that:

  • Start with focussing on the customer
  • Connect everything with integrated tools
  • Work for every situation

A good content marketing strategy helps you to attract and convince the right people. This is how you go for substantial growth!

Download our free checklist today and start building campaigns that drive results.

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"Upperscore helped us to gain better insights and an overview of our complex Hubspot instance (Marketing Automation). Thanks to them we were able to visualize and better understand the flows, scoring, and nurtures happening in Hubspot and take improvement measures."

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"Upperscore doesn't just detect relevant content, they also translate it to the right channels like our own website, socials, newsletters, blogs, podcasts... Customers and target audiences are present on different channels and so should we."