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Crisis of disconnection

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Disconnectedness sucks

At Upperscore, we're all about building relationships, with clients as well as between colleagues or with strategic partners.

The problem is: if your systems and your data are disconnected, so are your customers, partners, and team members. This always results in slow growth (if any), lots of frustrations, missed opportunities, and bad customer experiences.

There is a better way of working and we're happy to tell you all about it.

What do you get out of this guide?

  1. Data on the crisis of disconnection
  2. Why connectivity matters
  3. Solutions to get to a high degree of connectivity 

Download the report today and use the insights to understand what disconnection issues your organzation may be facing, and how to solve that.

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What's in this report?

Here’s the good stuff

lead generation - channels

Why connectivity matters

Connected systems and data are key for efficiency and effectiveness


Research findings

Interesting data and insights on connectivity

lead generation whitepaper - workflows

The solution

How to solve disconnectivity issues and accelerate growth


What our customers say

"Upperscore helped us to gain better insights and an overview of our complex Hubspot instance (Marketing Automation). Thanks to them we were able to visualize and better understand the flows, scoring, and nurtures happening in Hubspot and take improvement measures."

"Upperscore doesn't just detect relevant content, they also translate it to the right channels like our own website, socials, newsletters, blogs, podcasts... Customers and target audiences are present on different channels and so should we."

"Marketing and communication is important to stay 'Top of Mind'. Fortunately, Upperscore supports us tremendously in this."

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