The ultimate marketing automation guide

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Why automation?


Marketing automation helps to grow your business better and faster: less manual and time-consuming work, communicating faster with more people, and combining different steps in the process.

But where do you start? What can you automate? Which pitfalls should you avoid? In this free guide, we share our best practices to start with marketing automation in your company.

What can you expect from the Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide?

  1. A buyer persona worksheet
  2. Interesting statistics
  3. The added value of marketing automation for your organisation
  4. How to start  with marketing automation
  5. Examples of campaigns you can automate
  6. Automation pitfalls to avoid

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Download the whitepaper

Everything you need to know about marketing automation

Here’s all the good stuff


Buyer persona worksheet

Map out your ideal customer supercharge your segments based on existing data.

Get started

Get started on automation

We explain how you can get started automating your marketing and sales


Some examples

We give you some examples of workflows that you can implement easily, starting today.

marketing automation pitfalls

Automation pitfalls

Discover what automation pitfalls to avoid when setting up and running marketing and sales automation.

One tool for all your marketing and sales